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Organic Shampoo, Shaving & Body Wash for very sensitive Skin

A very handy all natural bar to use from top to toe. Use as a soap for the body, a solid shampoo plus conditioner for the hair and beard also a very gentle shaving soap, one product does it all with no plastic bottle in sight!. 

 To use as a shampoo, work bar into lather with a little water, place lather and bar onto the hair, work into hair with a circular motion, shampoo hair or beard as usual then rinse and repeat once more.
For shaving, lather with water as usual using a shaving brush or the palms

of your hands, apply lather, shave and rinse.
Made using the finest organic oils, organic butters, organic oats, organic oat milk and uplifting organic sweet orange essential oil. 

Made with 98.8% organic ingredients, plastic free.

Buy two bars and receive a free sisal soap pouch to exfoliate the skin and also keep your long lasting soap lasting even longer by hanging up your soap and drying between use.

Ditch the Plastic


Organic Oatmilk Soap/Shampoo, Shaving with organic sweet orange


  • That saves five plastic bottles!
    hand wash, shampoo, conditioner, body wash, shaving cream.

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