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Our Miracle Calendula and Comfrey Balm is the perfect TLC for natural healing.

  • Full of natural and organic oils and butters,
  • Soothes itching,
  • Calms dry skin on the body and tips of ears.
  • Conditions dry cracked hooves and coronary band.
  • Stimulates hoof growth for stronger hooves,
  • Relieves arthritic pain. 

Calendula  known for its amazing healing powers as a powerful circulation enhancer will help 

  • Reduce scarring and skin tightening, 
  • Stimulating hair re-growth  
  • Moisturise the hoof in dry conditions, place on coronary band to stimulate hoof growth.
  • Anti-inflamitory. 
  • Comfrey know also as the knitting herb contains a substance that helps new skin cells grow (allantoin) it reduces inflammation and also helps to ease pulled muscles and ligaments. In days gone by it would be applied to fractures to speed up healing.
  • Organic shea butter and organic cocoa butter will protect and nourish the skin, beeswax will keep the skin protected while still allowing the skin to breathe as it heals. 100% natural. Non Toxic


Certified to EU and UK legislation

Miracle Calendula And Comfrey Balm,


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