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Our most popular candle now in compostable packaging!


Our Isle of Wight candles are a wonderful reminder of days spent on this beautiful island. Made using vegan vegetable wax and the perfect blend of relaxing essential oils

Hand made on the farm in small batches wth the aroma of fresh sea breezes and English lavender you will be transported back to the beautiful shores of the Isle of Wight.


220ml with wood lid. 

Available in frosted white, green or black glass.


Packaging is 100% biodegradable/compostable with wildflower seeded card so when you have opened your candle you can break up the mushroom packaging then tear up the seeded card and grow together, two gifts in one as well as reducing plastic waste and helping our bees!


What's it made from:

Our innovative packaging is mycelium (mushroom roots) grown especially to create the ultimate protective shield for your candle.

No Waste: Cruelty-free and biodegradable, our packaging breaks down in just 40 days and is home compostable in your food waste bin or makes the perfect fertiliser for a wildflower pot. With mushroom packaging, you'll leave nothing behind but a greener conscience.

Use with our seeded card sleeve for a wonderful wildflower display

Isle of Wight Essential Oil Candle, English Lavender & Sea Breezes


July Candle Sale

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