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The gua sha is perfect for facial puffiness and lymphatic drainage.Combined with our calendula balm and eye serum this is the perfect face massage kit.

Calendula is a powerful circulation enhancer and our calendula balms are packed full of this little power house ingredient along with organic raw shea butter and organic raw cocoa butter to deeply moisturise, repair and protect. Apply to the face before using the jade gua sha.

What is a gua sha?

The literal meaning of gua sha is “to scrape sand,” a gua sha massage disperses stagnant blood and fluid, increases circulation and the production of anti-aging molecules, collagen, and elastin. 

Collagen helps to reduce wrinkles, and elastin helps to firm and tone the face.  The massage with the gua sha Increases circulation and helps with detoxification, leading to a clearer complexion and helping with lymphatic drainage.

Pack contains

One 60ml calendula balm with free bamboo spatula, one frankinsence intensive eye serum 15ml, one jade gua sha in cotton bag. 

To reduce puffiness around the eyes

  • Lubricate your eye area with belicious eye serum.
  • Sweep a gua sha tool over the under-eye area and out to the temple, all the way to the hairline.
  • Repeat four times on each eye, then work the tool from the inside corner of the brow bone out to the temple area.
  • Facial lymphatic drainage

  • Apply calendula balm to the face and neck area

  • Start at the chin, then sweep the gua sha tool along your jawline and up to the ear.
  • Move the tool behind the earlobe, and then down the neck.
  • Repeat four times.

Calendula Balm with Jade Gua Sha,facial massage kit


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